Why is Youtube SEO important and what can you use it for?

🎬Successful YouTube channel and effective YouTube SEO

Your competitors don't (probably) use YouTube SEO yet, so you can easily gain a competitive advantage. If you have a podcast or just a YouTube channel, you might want to use the techniques you will learn now!

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🔴Effective YouTube strategy

This is how I built my own YouTube channel

In 2019, during Covid, I started my channel, called Let's Leaf - care for indoor plants. I created content for this channel for about one and a half to two years and it was very successful, and it still is today. I built the channel to help houseplant lovers on how to care for their favorite plants. So even then, and even now, many searches come to the channel.

YouTube SEO

How YouTube SEO works?

It is very important for a YouTube channel of this kind to properly SEO our channel as well. In other words, let's basically take into account the topic that our video is about when creating, uploading, and writing the content. If we don't do this, it will be difficult for viewers and potential viewers to find our content. Similarly, it is very important that if possible we distribute our content on other platforms and embed them in articles.

The role of the cover image

The two most important metrics on YouTube - and on all other social media platforms as well: how much time they spend consuming your content and how they interact with it. From this point of view, in the case of YouTube, the time spent watching your content and the number of people who click on the cover image of your video are very important. That's why it might be worth testing the different cover images and designs, making sure that they are ideal on several devices and views.

Title, description and importance of tags

There are three essential elements of YouTube SEO: a good title, a description of the video and the proper use of different tags, i.e. tags. If these are properly written and harmonize with the content, then our videos will appear more easily among other similar videos, so we can reach people interested in the topic. In general, very few people are still involved in this field, so this can be a great opportunity for companies to acquire customers and grow.

The history of my YouTube channel

Watch it in the video!

I started my channel in 2019, which has been followed by almost 5,000 people since then, and we have already surpassed 250,000 views. All this within a small, narrow segment. And viewers keep coming and watching old content thanks to good YouTube SEO.


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How to build a YouTube channel for your brand and product!

🎯YouTube strategy basics

🔎The role of SEO in the evening of YouTube

The role of SEO on YouTube is the same as on the web. To make our content easy to find and interpret for Google and YouTube algorithms. If we forget about this, it will be difficult for viewers and users who are otherwise interested in the topic to find our content. That way, no one will watch our content, which was made with a lot of time and money. Unfortunately, this is still the case with many companies today. In this way, you have the opportunity for your brand and company to become more visible compared to your competitors!

✂️Video editing and exporting

Appropriate YouTube SEO and its planning, however, should be a consideration already when coming up with the topic, writing the script, cutting and exporting the video. It is important to deal with these parts with due care if we want a successful and continuously growing channel for our brand!

Youtube csatorna thumbnail - Lets Leaf

🖼️Edit cover image for YouTube

As I mentioned above, YouTube SEO is particularly important for the success of our channel, and CTR, i.e. click-through rate, also plays a big role. That is, how many people click on our video in different positions - this is typically the main page of YouTube.com and the recommendation column on the right. How "good" our thumbnail image is plays a big role in this. I could have written effective instead of good, but the difficulty comes only after that, and that is retaining the viewer.

🎦Tools for a successful YouTube channel

We should use a lot of tools for videos made for our successful YouTube channel. Examples include TubeBuddy, VidIQ also can help you, but also Canva for image and video editing, or applications such as CapCut. You can find out more about TubeBuddy and VidIQ at the links below, and you can also meet them in the video materials!

YouTube kurzus anyagok

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Ebben a kurzusban átvesszük azokat a pontokat, hogy hogyan tudsz te is hatékonyan YouTube csatornát készíteni, mire érdemes odafigyelni, és milyen eszközöket, hogyan érdemes használnod.

You should also watch these materials if you have a YouTube channel and a website.

💾Downloadable YouTube resources

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🎓YouTube kurzusom

Youtube csatorna thumbnail - Lets Leaf

YouTube kurzus bevezető videó

Nézd meg videóban!

Ebben a kurzusban átvesszük azokat a pontokat, hogy hogyan tudsz te is hatékonyan YouTube csatornát készíteni, mire érdemes odafigyelni, és milyen eszközöket, hogyan érdemes használnod.

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