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Processes in which you can also use various tools based on artificial intelligence

What can you use AI tools for?

🦾Free and paid versions of ChatGPT

There is a huge difference between ChatGPT's paid and free features and options. One of the major differences is that the paid version provides an API, which allows you to develop and use your own mini-programs and mini-prompts in an automated environment. Another significant difference is that you can only access newer models, such as ChatGPT version 4.5, with the subscription solution.

🆓Other free AI tools

Now, and in the future, there are plenty of free or partially free tools at your disposal. Many times it is precisely the endless range of possibilities that causes problems in navigating. In my article on 101 marketing tools, I collect the tools that I often use and recommend for use, in addition, you can find the different AI tools that I use or have already tried in a separate AI list.

🧩Canva's AI solutions

Many applications, including Canva, have already started to integrate various AI solutions into their processes. These can often only be used with a subscription solution, including Canva, but this is one of the cheapest and most worthwhile subscriptions I use in marketing. If you want to know what devices I subscribe to, check out my article listing them!

🤖 AI appears in all the devices we use

AI is appearing in more and more devices. As I mentioned above, for example, in Canva, but also in HubsSpot, ActiveCampaign, but also in several other CRM systems. It will probably appear soon in Webflow, as it is already present in Figma, which is used for design and graphic elements.

I use AI tools for these

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Just as blue-collar work has its tricks, so does digital tools. A true craftsman uses many different chisels, and thanks to his experience, real works of art are created.


Companies that have honored me with their trust

Content production, webshops, personal brand, sales support

🏗️How to build your own AI processes?

🏭Content production and AI tools

Even today, ChatGPT and other text-based tools are a huge help in content production, whether it is Hungarian, English or other languages. Of course, this also depends on how and what we use these tools for, and what our goal is with them. They can be great tools even when it comes to content planning and production. Of course, in order to be able to use them meaningfully, it is worth using very good prompts and checking the finished text in each set - and for this, knowledge of either AI or the specific technical language is necessary and cannot be avoided. Check out what subscriptions I use too!

🛍️The role of AI in the case of webshops

Both text-based and image-based artificial intelligence solutions can be of great help to webshop owners. The role of SEO is still very important, since visitors from organic sources are still the cheapest and most profitable customers for most webshops. In order to stay ahead of your competition, AI-based SEO optimization can be a great and effective tool.

🍭How can you use AI for your personal brand?

AI and artificial intelligence can also be an effective tool in building your own brand. You can use it for competitive analysis, mapping target groups, it can also be an effective tool in the construction of your site and the development of the content structure. Not to mention that it can also help you learn and develop in areas in which you do not have adequate knowledge. I also use it extensively in my everyday life and in the development and construction of my website.

🔴⚪🟢Hunarian AI Tools

Different AI functions can already be found in several Hungarian digital devices. Of these, I also regularly use the AIRITE speech recognizer for video subscriptions. In addition, Molin.AI, Shoprenter and Unas are currently making great strides and already have AI functions in their webshops. If you want to know more about how you can use AI and ChatGPT in the development of your own webshop, read my first such webshop AI optimization SEO case study, or the one where we optimized 5000 pages with its help.

Get to know these tools and what you can use them for.

👽AI tools in practice and resources

AI SEO weboldalak számára - Chat GPT-s megoldással [konzultáció]

AI SEO for websites - Chat with GPT solution [consultation]

25 Egyszerű tipp webshop tulajdonosoknak

25 simple tips for webshop owners

AI SEO webshopoknak - Chat GPT-s megoldással [konzultáció]

AI SEO for webshops - Chat with GPT solution [consultation]

Learn more about how others are already using my AI solutions

📢Case studies in AI-driven content development

Webshop SEO optimalizációja Chat GPT-vel

Ha megfelelően használjuk a Chat GPT-t, akkor valódi eredményeket is fel tudunk mutatni a webshopod SEO-jában. Ez pedig a példa alapján nem csak az érdeklődőket, de a vásárlókat is vonzza!

Termékoldalak SEO optimalizációja

Webshop - Termékleírások, márka leírások

Az egyik legutóbbi projektem, amiben több mint 4000 termék oldalt, valamint több száz kategória, márka oldalt optimalizáltunk le AI és Chat GPT segítésével.

weboldal fejlesztése SEO és AI szempontból

Saját weboldalam fejlesztése

Íme pár tipp és módszer, hogy miképp érdemes nekiállni egy weboldal fejlesztésének tartalmi szempontból. Mikor és mire érdemes használni a SEO-t és az AI-t szempontból.

My goal with the course is to give you the basics quickly and comprehensively!

🎓AI foundation course

🎓AI Marketing Basics Course

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What will be covered in the course? Who do I recommend it to? Why should you start using different AI tools? What can you use the different AI tools for? How can AI help your everyday work?

Let's create a unique content generation system based on ChatGPT for your brand!

🤖AI Strategy and Consulting

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