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Development of CRM systems: 🟠Hubspot and 🔵ActiveCampaign

Effective marketing and sales are based on the right CRM system and automation. Depending on the company and target group, I usually recommend the Hubspot and ActiveCampaign systems to my clients. It's not worth saving on these, but on your time!

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CRM systems are not only good for sending out newsletters, although many people here use them only for that.

🧩The center of your digital ecosystem: the CRM system

Így készült a Bio-Barát Biobolt új webshopja

🟢Adequate CRM system in the Shopify ecosystem

Those who regularly read my articles on the blog or follow me on LinkedIn know that I do not like Wordpress sites, as they are easily vulnerable, less stable, and I have yet to see a properly structured WP site - although I have seen a few. That's why I usually recommend Shopify for webshops, and Klaviyo CRM for easy integration. You can read the BioBarát story, which is also reflected in the picture, here, we also used Shopify and Klaviyo integration.

🟠When should we choose Hubspot as a CRM system?

According to my experience at home, usually B2B companies and startups working on foreign markets use HubSpot's system. HubSpot is perhaps one of the most used CRM systems worldwide. It provides a complete solution that covers all areas, if necessary, we can even use the CEO's social media interfaces. So it really is like a star destroyer, everything (also!) can be solved with it, whether it is customer service or a multilingual, multi-currency company.

🔵When should we choose ActiveCampaign?

Basically, I recommend ActiveCampaign to my clients and potential clients. Properly structured, it can be used either with a webshop or on the B2B market, or even for personal branding. If we are in a very price-sensitive market, it can be expensive, and also if we do not maintain our lists and subscribers. However, due to its handling and integrations, as well as the structure and ease of use of the TAG system, I recommend this the most!

💲If you are looking for a cheap CRM system, choose MailerLite!

MailerLite is perhaps one of the cheapest CRM systems, in which we can find the most functions in addition to our subscription. So if you want to pay the subscription fees of HubSpot or ActiveCampaign, then MailerLite may be a good choice. All such decisions, such as the selection of CRM systems, require important and serious professional knowledge and experience.

These systems are the central elements of your marketing and, in the best case, represent a decision for years, so it is very important that other marketing tools can be easily integrated with them, that you can easily know and use them. This is how you can still gain a big competitive advantage over your competitors.

At home, too, I often come across that CRM systems are not properly utilized, but are used only for sending out newsletters, even by companies with annual sales of hundreds of millions of forints. If you want to learn more about proper and effective CRM use, check out my courses!

⬇️Managing landing pages in the CRM system

CRM systems will also be of great help in creating landing pages. In this regard, I recommend HubSpot's system less, because you will definitely need a developer in addition to the template, but the ActiveCampaign landing page creator is quite easy to use and intuitive.

In my course introducing ActiveCampaign, we will learn more about this function, and I will show you how you can easily and quickly test different landing pages.

Why is the CRM system the most important element for a marketer?

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I believe that many Hungarian companies make little use of the opportunities and integrations inherent in CRM systems. A well-structured CRM system can store a lot of data, which can be channeled back into your marketing and various marketing channels to make your marketing easier, faster and cheaper!


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Choosing the right CRM system

🟢Which CRM system should I choose for Shopify?

I usually recommend Klaviyo CRM for the Shopify system. We also introduced this at Bio-Barát. With so many Hungarian webshop systems, it is difficult to find good integrations that know "everything". This is the advantage of large international systems such as Shopify, that it is easy to find and build native integration for them. And such native integrations make work and data creation easier later on.

🟠When should I choose the HubSpot CRM system?

HubSpot is a popular CRM system here as well, but it can easily and quickly become too expensive for many Hungarian companies, so if it is not a special request from investors or owners, I usually recommend ActiveCampaign. Another advantage of HubSpot is that it is widely known, so if we are building an international sales team, HubSpot can be beneficial in that case, and it is easier to finance the subscription costs from the international market.

Using the HubSpot Marketing Suite and Sales Suite together puts a great and complete system in the hands of every company and startup for growth.

ActiveCampaign bevezetése egy UNAS-os webshopnál

🔵What are the advantages of ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign is the most favored CRM system for me. Its TAG, i.e. tag-based, system differs from, for example, the structure of HubSpot, which enables a more dynamic use. I have already successfully implemented this CRM system at several companies, either for marketing - for example for Zöldbolt, or for sales support. If you are looking for an affordable CRM system, I can confidently recommend ActiveCampaign's system, which you can learn more about in this article.

💲 Pricing and calculation of CRM systems

Contact-based pricing is generally used in the pricing of various CRM systems for marketing functions. In the case of sales support packages, the amount of subscription typically depends on the number of colleagues using them. But of course it also depends on what functions we want to use. If our company's operation is already stable, then it is worthwhile to take a closer look at the functions found in each package, as they can greatly help our growth. You can find the current subscription prices of ActiveCamapign CRM and HubSpot Suite on their website and in my articles about the systems!

Which CRM system should I choose?

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What will be covered in the course? Who do I recommend it to? Why should you start using different AI tools? What can you use the different AI tools for? How can AI help your everyday work?

Find out which CRM system should be used in which environment

📢CRM system case studies

Így készült a Bio-Barát Biobolt új webshopja

Klaviyo and Shopify - webshop designed for growth

HubSpot bevezetése B2B cégnek nyolc országban

HubSpot implementation in 8 countries

ActiveCampaign bevezetése egy UNAS-os webshopnál

CRM system of UNAS webshop: Acticve Campaign

I also work with my clients based on the professional materials below, and they can be used for any CRM system!

💾Downloadable materials for a super CRM

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Get to know your favorite CRM systems through the video!

🎓My CRM online courses

ActiveCampaign bevezető CRM kurzus

ActiveCampaign introductory CRM course 2024

Bevezető HubSpot minikurzus

Introductory HubSpot mini-course 2024

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