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Why should you choose a freelancer instead of an agency?

🌱Growing and Managing of PPC Campaigns

🤗Why is it better to work with a freelancer than with an agency?

How long should we take the marketing of our own start-up? When and why should we get help? Is it better to work with an agency or a freelancer? What are the advantages of working with freelancers and agencies? As in many cases, my professional advice here is that it depends. It depends on what your needs are, what the particular freelancer or agency is like, how you communicate and, of course, how big your budget is.

🎯When should you use Facebook and Instagram (Meta) ads?

Although fewer and fewer people are using Facebook, and people are also starting to leave Instagram. In addition to a suitable strategy, these channels can also be important elements of the marketing mix. However, in terms of organic reach, you should no longer rely on these. Great target groups and a cheap and effective traffic management solution can be both, in the case of the right strategy and content. You can also read about this in my case study of a Webshop.

🖥️Which campaigns are worth running on Google's system?

Google is fundamentally different from the interface of Facebook and Instagram, but also from TikTok. You should run campaigns here if people are actively searching for your product and if you have a competitive advantage over your competitors. Without the latter, unfortunately, you either have to face very strong price competition or high click costs if your strategy and marketing are not good enough.

📱 When should you choose TikTok campaigns?

Successful campaigns can already be run here, but they should be used fundamentally differently. Many people experience a great reach from the various TikTok campaigns, in which case you can get adequate conversions from them if your value proposition during the full funnel is appropriate. Without it, however, your interested parties will easily drop out during the process and the campaign will be expensive, because it will only give you reach, but no income.

Which advertising platform should you choose?

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As I used to say, It depends, but if you are interested in more than that, watch my video and subscribe to my channel!


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A PPC strategy is no longer worth creating on its own

The most important steps in building campaigns

📐 Setting and checking measurements

Without measurements, it's pointless to start even creating a website, because without it you won't be able to see or understand what's happening with your website. However, it is an even bigger problem if you want to advertise without proper measurements, goals and strategy. That is why I never create a website without measurements, just as I only undertake campaigns after appropriate measurements and their verification.

🔎Determining existing and future target groups

It was already discussed above why it is worth working with a freelancer or even with an agency. Well, the most common mistake and deficiency in the case of agencies is that they work with "canned" solutions due to time and cost efficiency. Therefore, they often do not properly understand the market, brand, and product, and often fail to develop the appropriate target groups. This is also fundamental for me, since without it we cannot expect real efficiency and we cannot understand the functioning of our marketing either.

⚗️Data generation, strategy

Just as the creation and maintenance of target groups is an important task and cannot be neglected, the proper data generation is also cardinal and indispensable in the development of an effective marketing strategy. The data collection can take place in several places, on the website, in the CRM system, in different target groups or in other ways. However, it is definitely important and can give you a huge advantage over your competitors.

📈Short and long-term strategies

Agencies often think of short-term solutions, due to the already mentioned resource optimization. However, inappropriate strategies and short-term thinking can treat symptoms in your ailing marketing, but only real and effective long-term strategies can provide meaningful solutions and recovery.

🧠How to think during campaign planning

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It is important to consider who your target group is, what your product is, where these two can meet each other, how you can optimize your costs, and what advantages you can enjoy over your competitors.

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🎓Marketing Courses

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