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Organic traffic is still one of the most important and highest quality traffic. In 2024, there are already new tools and new opportunities to improve SEO quickly, qualitatively and efficiently. Let's work together to get your brand to the top!

Török Balázs álló 2024
In addition to ChatGPT and other AI solutions, SEO will remain important in 2024.

Why is SEO still important in 2024?

Benefits of organic traffic

Organic traffic, i.e. when it comes to the website from the organic results of the Google search engine, i.e. not from advertising, is considered an exceptionally good channel. The reason for this is that these visitors are often looking for some kind of information, solution, or service, and if our page appears to them, Google probably already knows that we can offer them a suitable solution.

On-page SEO - this is what you can improve today

On-page SEO is the part of SEO that you can influence within your site. Such is the content and its structure, as well as the technical part of it, i.e. technical SEO. The content includes not only your blog, but also product descriptions, categories and brand pages, for example in the case of a webshop. The structure of these and the quality of these contents represent On-page SEO.

Technical SEO - Who manages your website?

By the non-content structure of your page, we mean the technical details. They are made up of an extremely large number of parts. You can also check these, for this I have prepared a short 5-item SEO checklist and a longer 50-item SEO checklist, but this includes everything from the size of the images to the type of elements your articles are made of, for example: text, heading, paragraph, etc.

[ingyenes] 5 tipp versenytárs figyeléshez

Off-page SEO - Content collaborations

There are also SEO parameters that you have no direct influence on - off-page SEO, such as the number of backlinks to your website and the quality of the pages they come from. The number and quality of these can be increased with many different solutions, both organic and paid. There are a few platforms from which we can obtain backlinks "for free", but in many cases these do not have a direct impact on the SEO values ​​of our site - this is the case, for example, with various social media sites and the majority of links coming from them.

Useful materials on the subject of SEO

I also have a lot of my own materials related to SEO on the site, there are also innovative, forward-looking solutions, such as my AI SEO service, for which you can also book a separate consultation for a webshop, but it is also possible for separate websites and personal brands. And if you're just getting started, write to me and request an SEO audit for your site!

Why SEO is still important

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Organic traffic will always be the highest quality source of traffic to your site. In order to develop and increase this, it is necessary to develop and maintain SEO. Today, there are even more solutions to achieve this easily.


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